Take stand!!

Take stand for yourself because nobody else is going to do that for you. Sad but true!!!



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She is gold, she is star. She is class and she is sass. She is of all ages and ethnicities. She speaks her heart out and is truthful. She knows how to bring out best in others, she will inspire you to be of your own type. She is tough but knows compassion…she is modern and traditional…she  handles kitchen and gadgets with precision…she celebrates being women..she is brave to be vulnerable she is always in making if better person. She cries sometime but she knows how to move on….

She is amazing and she is you!!!

Wedding Dairies

Wedding bells #1


Hey guys!! Good morning….Happy December!! I hope you guys are doing well and I wish you all good luck for this amazing month full of festivities and celebration… Everytime there is something so special about December but this time it is extraaaaa special!! Yes..I am getting married this December and there are less than 4 days are left now!!

Guests are here, my family members are here…and celebration has already began….

So I am busy at this moment but I still wanted to share my experience as a would be bride so I thought why not blog about it!!!!

What say guys??

Book talks

Competitive Reading

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Hey guys very good morning!! So guys I just have watched a YouTube video where a booktuber was discussing about how reading books have actually became a challenge or I should say a sport and I completely agree with her. Previously reading books was something very special and very very private. Private as in when we read…at that moment it is just us and nobody else..that moment is ours and at that particular point of time we belong to books. It really doesn’t matter how many books we have read in a year, what matters should be what impact those books had on us!! It shouldn’t be about numbers yet I myself try to keep a count of books I finished reading as if there is a competition.

So guys I am leaving a link to this video here and let me know how you feel


Author in discussion, Book talks

John Green

Hey guys welcome to my blog and I hope you are doing well, so guys today I am going to have a discussion about very very very popular author

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“John Green” yes I know he is favorite of many of you out there but…..but I have a very unpopular opinion about this author, I have read 3 books of this author and those were

1) Looking for Alaska

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2) Paper Towns

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3) Fault in our Stars:

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Out of above three books I liked Paper Towns the most, Looking for Alaska was exactly like the paper towns except for the names. I think this author is over hyped…I mean I like this author but again I feel like all his books are same and somehow there is nothing new in his books. I know he has amazing fan following but hey this is my opinion!! So don’t hate me.

Fault in our Stars is I believe one of the most loved book but for me it was difficult, I wasn’t able to finish this book. I tried reading it multiple times but every time I end up keeping this book in corner.

So guys this was my opinion on this Author. What you guys feel about him do let me know in comments.


Book talks

YA Cliches I hate 😑

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Hey guys I am back with another YA Cliche but this time I am gonna share those which I hate…yes we all hate some of the YA Cliches and for me also there are few so without much a do here I am sharing my list:

1) Love Triangle:

I am very clear with this fact that I cannot deal with love Triangles or any other complex relationship status, there is one girl and a guy happy but then second guys enters the scene and grabs attention of girl and there come complexities, she likes both and cannot decide with whom she really wants to be. Guys this is a reason why I really hate Twilight series. Infact in Sabaa Tahir’s An Ember in the Ashes I hated  Helene when she was jealous of Laia or if you have read falling kingdom series then you guys will exactly get to why I get so irritated with love Pentagon.

2) Beautiful princesses: 

So in every princess YA Books girls are more than beautiful with those big blue eyes and blond curly hair falling down to there slim waist and they look like goddesses; uhggggg!! I hate it 😲 I seriously do, I mean why these princesses can’t be like any normal girl made of imperfections or why they have to be like goddesses every time who always falls in love with some thief and is always engaged to some high class jerk!!

I like princesses who can beautiful and brave and intelligent.

3) Tomboy:

Many books have female leads who are tomboy and they think that being girly is shallow and those who apply lipsticks are dumb. I have a classic example of this character from Falling Kingdom series and the girl is Lyssandra. Personally I like Lyssandra but her Outlook on other women was not acceptable. She thinks she is superior because she is not like other girls which is very irritating most of the times. I mean like you are a girl and please embrace your feminity.

4) Strong characters:

Yup I like strong, opinionated and intelligent characters I love them but sometimes authors try to make characters extra strong that it becomes unbearable for me to read. I mean yes you are the lead and you have got to solve the problems but dude others are not dumb, at least have an opinion of others as well. Often these characters think that they are far more better than others so decision making authority should be with them. Example would be Mare Burrow of Red Queen series!! I think she was so ambitious that she took decision that at the end made her look like fool.

5) Experts:

I cannot ship when characters becomes experts suddenly and then they master their skills which makes them undefeatable!! Specially when it comes to fighting skills. I mean I am the person who believe that daily practice makes person perfect but master of particular subject is nit digestible for me!!

So these were the Cliches I hate….if you guys have same opinion do let me know and if not then what irritates you most let me know in comment section!!

Thanks for reading!!!







Random thought


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Hello lovely people!! How you guys doing?? I am good and the good news is “winter” is here……yayyy!!! I love winters and wedding season is here and I am so happy about it….

You know life is so good when winters are here and you can just get cozy in bed and read with tea all time..

You don’t have to worry about oily skin and sweat and all horrible humidity..you can eat without hesitation. Cold nights and warm blankets are just perfect!! Life is so good….I love this season, how about you guys???