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Book Review: One Dark Throne


Hello readers and welcome to another book review, “One Dark Throne” by Kendare Blake.


The battle for the Crown has begun, but which of the three sisters will prevail?

With the unforgettable events of the Quickening behind them and the Ascension Year underway, all bets are off. Katharine, once the weak and feeble sister, is stronger than ever before. Arsinoe, after discovering the truth about her powers, must figure out how to make her secret talent work in her favor without anyone finding out. And Mirabella, once thought to be the strongest sister of all and the certain Queen Crowned, faces attacks like never before—ones that put those around her in danger she can’t seem to prevent.”


This book picks up right where first book ended and I must admit it was a satisfying read. There was everything in this book for which I craved in first one. Characters in this part are far more stronger, which BTW I loved.

Kathrine, who was once weak is now stronger, she is no more pale and sick. She has changed, there is something changed in her which worried everyone who were concerned about her. All she wants is her crown and her revenge.

Arsinoe is complete badass, what I particularly love about this character is how this character is crafted, in every young adult fantasy, a queen is always flawless, concerned and most of the time distracted by love interest. But that’s not the case with Arsinoe, she is not beautiful in typical ways, she is beautiful like warrior who elegantly carries her scarred face, reckless and foodie. I laughed so many times when on critical situations she demanded food.

Mirabella, who was once raised to believe that she is chosen queen is now doubtful of her fate. Although this character was fine but I didn’t like how her secret affair affected her.

I relieved that Joseph has finally decided whom he love. And Billy, I loved him throughout, an innocent soul with heart of gold. The way he loves Arsinoe makes me fall for him.

Appreciation for Author:

Kendare Blake did phenomenal job keeping in mind the complexity of this universe and complex characters, their story lines and their circumstances. Technicality in terms of reasoning and logic in the story was upto the mark and plot twists were just amazing.

In first book I missed that cunningness in queens which I got in this part which satisfied my cravings for intense and dark political rivalry among sisters. I am glad romance in this book was almost at background and not something major. I never expected the way this book ended but I am glad it did, now there is just one request to the author and that is “Next novel please!!”


4.7/5 stars

Is Hermione Granger Hogwarts’s Smartest witch??


Hello readers and welcome to my blog, so today I am gonna geek around and I invite you guys to join me on Amino community if you are a part of it.

So guys recently I came across a discussion about who is the smartest wizard/witch of Hogwarts and when it comes to it Hermione Granger has always been my favourite but is she the smartest witch??

*************************Hermione Granger*******************

A mud blood Hermione has always been a bookworm, she is perfect when it comes to knowledge and following rules, this is a reason why she is considered finest witches of her age and I seriously think sometimes what would have happened to Harry and Ron if she was not there.


But still I would not consider Hermione the smartest witch of Hogwarts, for me she will always be the one who keeps her nose in book and strictly adheres to what book say. I would not blame her for being how she is because she comes from a non magical background and she has that eagerness to show what she is capable to do.

But smartness and intelligence is not confined to books, it takes a lot to be the smartest person in the room, for instance in Half Blood Prince while making potions, Harry was using old book in which there were loads of correction made which helped Harry ending up with the best potion, which shows Severus Snape, was the person who looked beyond what is written in book and came up with corrections in it. Although harry told Hermione to do as he says but she denied. I understand if I were at her place I too could have done what my book says but looking at my friend making perfect potions would have intrigued me to try what he was trying.

Hermoine is undoubtedly intelligent as she was the person who figured out who Nicholas Flamel was and she was the person who figured out Lupin was warewolf, but somehow I feel she limits her intelligent to line written in books. On the other hand there was Harry who was not as good as Hermione but he survived.

I hope you guys got my point.


Book Review: Three Dark Crowns By Kendare Blake


Hello readers and welcome to my blog, so I have finished reading “Three Dark Crowns”by Kendare Blake.


“Three dark sisters
All fair to be seen,
Two to devour
And one to be Queen” 

On the island of Fennbirn, in every generation a set of triplets is born to be queen but to get to throne they must fight with each other to death.

Mirabella: The elemental

Arsinoe: The Naturalist

Kathreen: The Poisoner


It was very hard to get along with the book first but I liked the second half of the book pretty much, I believe author was aware about the chunk of fantasy readers and hence came up with such delicious premise which took me by storm and I picked this book. But tbh I have mixed feelings for this book.

I liked the magical elements, twists and turns, politics and darkness in premise of story but I believe I didn’t get what I expected from this book which is eeriness in story, competition, fight between the sisters and ambitions to be on throne.

As far as universe building is concerned I loved the way this magical world was built, I loved the fact although island is ruled by a queen still there are many people who have selfish political agenda. Unlike I expected queens didn’t had any major saying anywhere in this book and they were taken care by already established houses and they were to act as per the set protocols.

I didn’t like the romantic setting in this story, it was quite unnecessary I felt and apart from that author could have put some other elements. One of the things I liked was Matriarchy in story.  I loved the fact that queens were with families which were led by woman and they had some hold in all council, I loved the fact how priestesses carried weapons to protect queen.

Let’s discuss about characters of the book, Mirabella, a elemental and the strongest queen among all. I expected her to be ruthless but she was kind who loved her sisters and she was completely aware of the fact that she is not supposed to love them.

Arsinoe, the naturalist queen who is still waiting for her gift was aware that she will be killed, what I liked about this character is how badass she was, she never care how she looks but still puts efforts to be on throne.

Kathreen, A poisioner and weak queen, pale and petite but ambitious .


3.5/5 stars.

Tips to make time for reading


Hello readers and welcome to my blog, there is a question that I come across often when it gets to reading i.e. how to make time to read more. So guys I say there is a solution to this trivial problem. Here are few things that I do so that I can make more time for reading. Without further a do let’s jump to my tips

  1. Read while you commute:

Travelling is major part of my life so I use this commute time to read books. I have seen there are many people who do the same. And I believe this is very effective way of making time to read.

2. Try to keep phone a side:

When I was in major reading slump, my most of the time was being invested in phone and internet, and I believe this happens with all of us. We pick phone to see new message and end up going through every social media and hence we waste a lot of time.

3. Reading apps on phone:

Sometimes it is not possible to carry books with us so I keep ebooks and kindle app on my phone just in case I have time to read I can read it without hassles of carrying book around.

4. Block your calendar  :

If in your schedule there is a time which you can carve out for reading please block that slot right away for reading. It will not just help you in making time for reading but it will also help you guys to keep reading in your priority list.

5. Discuss  the book:

Discussing books can be really helpful in keeping up with reading because it enhances our curiosity…

Thank you so much guys for reading and share your opinions with me.