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There is no peace to be found, people think that they are leading peaceful life but trust me they are not….there is a constant race between man and time.
Ask yourself if I am worng..have you realise how quickly minutes turns in hours and hours in days and days in years. What is it that we are striving to achieve
What is it that is so important rather than peace of mind



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He got lost in a strange world she was
Where her dimples were setting him free from everything that held him back
Where he chased her like butterfly..
Where he found poetry in the Goosebumps on her dusky skin
Where he kissed her to live as if it the only way he can survive…
She was an hourglass, she emptied herself to fill every bit of him…she was the time that changed his destiny
Her floral scent made him high
She was the strange world where he was lost



I am lost,
I have gone too far,
So far for you to search me…
I belong to no city, no country
Where will you look for me?
Because i am an idea which can be found within the folds of book..
I am a miracle that takes world by sunrise
I am a ghost you can never find
I am in between mountains and moon..
Words and metaphor,
Poetry and syllable,
Amongst the adventures and universe
I am lost

October: Breast cancer awareness month


Hello lovely people, so today here I am to talk about something we all know but still not aware enough about it to combat..

Guys October is breast cancer awareness month and here today I am going to be a part of awareness campaign:

1 out of 8 women, suffers from this cancer and yet it is not clear why they get it.

1) Early signs of this disease is that it forms lump in breast , there is a change in color of nipple.

2) rashes around nipples.

3) discharge from nipples and secretion of fluid.

4) inverted nipples..

5) breast pain or sore nipples

6) change in the size of breast or nipple

Guys this disease is curable at early stages, all you got to do is just pay attention to your body. Get a regular check-up or if you feeling any lump go to you do on priority.

For more information you can check this link.

City light

It was my home,
My city..
I miss all of it;
The stargazing, the rain dance,
The days when I used to wait for Papa to have dinner with him..
I miss the sunkissed mornings and my cycle.
I miss cutting chai.
I wanted to move on in my life and in this quest I never realised when chai was replaced by posh latte, stars were replaced by skyscrapers,
When loneliness started accompanying me for dinner….
I miss my miss and my city