Life moved on even without your presence, in the shadow that you left behind,

You left even when you knew that this darkness will creep and claw inside my bones.

that ice has started coating my soul.

I craved for you but nothing left for me,

I believe burying desires within would help me;

Maybe its not my time but you know what I found? in search for love…. I went deep down inside my heart..

Just to find I am no longer a task, that was your’s to accomplish, I am a person with whole heart and senses.

But I would love to thank you for making me meet my own self.


Quotes: Monday Motivation

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” 
― Rob Siltanen

Life In London #3


Since my last post under this tag, lemme tell you nothing changed much here in London. I still keep clicking the apply button but yes now I do get some calls but nothing solid yet. Never thought hunting job can be this frustrating. Although people here around me tell that it might take sometime as recruiters here are often flooded with applications and getting calls from consultancy is actually nice because it proves I have done something great on my CV. Apart from that I actually started loving this free time that I get now. I really don’t remember when I was this free last time and I am getting ample of time to pursue my hobbies for now. Like I don’t have to worry about Monday and then worried about getting to work on time. I can read anytime, I can blog anytime also I can watch movies anytime. Now a days I have started watching cookery videos and awesome part is I actually cook different food which is everyone likes, it gives me feeling of being phenomenal cook!! *just kidding*.


Initially I used to ask myself whether this city will accept me or not? but as time is passing I feel like this city is pretty nice to me. Yes, there are some things that are different but I am liking these changes. I often used to wonder that once I will be here I would try different food from different places and ethnicity but here there is so much diversity that sometimes I feel like should stick to traditional. Soon I will be trying my hands on classic English dinner and let’s see if I would do magic with my culinary skills.


Best part of my life here is weekends. First of all these two days are the only days when I am not alone at home and second I go and visit places. Every week we go to some new places which is awesome. I loved Westminster and it was raining when we were there, Oh god it was divine. This time I will be sharing pictures as well. Yesterday we visited very cute little cafe, trust me it was like fairy tale place..small and cozy and cute….I actually started loving this place. For now this is it..I will be back soon with more on my Life In London…


Once the darkness within me collided with life in you, I was in awe as to what I saw. Life was so different earlier and now its entirely changed.

I used to crave for magic that now I create but your stories showed me the way…letters we exchanged taught me to smile and now I do it often as I sly smile.

I don’t know what you did to me as I am high on life now.


Book Review: The Disappearances by Emily Bain Murphy


Have you ever thought what will happen if things we take for granted starts disappearing, what if all the little pleasures of your life are snatched away from you one day and you just keep wondering how to get them back and how to stop this? come and explore with this book..where Emily Bain Murphy will take us to the world of disappearances.


After the death of the mother, Aila and Miles moved to town called Sterling to live with Cliffton family . Mr. & Mrs. Cliffton who were friends with Aila’s mother took them in when her father left for the war. Soon both Aila and Miles realised there was something unsual about this town. There were no mirrors in houses and no fragrances in flowers. Soon they were informed that after every 7 years something disappears from this town mysteriously like reflections disappeared from mirror, smell, stars. Somehow these disappearances have something to do with Aila’s mother which is why she and her brother were not treated well sometimes.

Character Development:

I loved all the characters created by the author.

Aila she is regular teenager who lost her mother to disease and her father left for war without a certainty that if he will ever get back, she leaves her home, her town, her all the memories and her best friend Cass behind to live with Clifftons who were friends with her mother. Aila, is girl who gets emotional and furious when someone calls her mother reason of the curse, she is a girl with friends with whom she share food. She has crush on the guy with whom she lives under same roof….sounds like us?? 

Miles, a troubled 9 y/o who miss her mother and father, who have troubled relationship with his sister still he runs to her when scared. He gets bullied at school because of his mother’s past. He is hurt and scared and he finds comfort with Mrs. Cliffton. I liked the way author penned this character, I myself is feeling like a kid who goes through all these things early in life and then he gets blamed for disappearances of which he wasn’t even aware of. I Connected with this character.

William, he is a son of  Clifftons and a friend to both Aila and Miles. With story he starts falling for Aila, he helps her, sometimes he avoid her, sometimes he gets jealous of Aila’s other male friend. But I ship their relationship and I feel its kinda adorable. Their relationship wasn’t cheesy and I liked how slowly and respectfully author created this relationship…there were small small moments of Aila and William that I loved reading.

Mrs. Cliffton, childhood best friend of Juliet Quinn and now mother figure for Aila and Miles. A compassionate lady who embraces both children and takes care of them like a mother. She takes them in , she sends them school and she love them like she loved William. I liked a scene where she tells Aila about troubles Miles is causing at school and warns her. She seems so sorted and sensitive lady.

George and Beas, friends of Aila, who were there with her throughout and never let her alone. Even when she was just an outsider they accepted her and extended their friendship to her. They motivated each other and were inseparable.

There was one dark character but to find about it go and read this book I am sure you will love this. one thing that I liked most was that protagonist of this book wasn’t exceptionally beautiful with slim waist and green eyes..

World Building:

World building of this book is just amazing, I should say it is perfect. There was mystery, suspense, hope, betrayal,magic, science, history, fiction and creepy elements in book in just right amount. There was perfect reasoning for everything that happened in this book, each and every instance was backed up by the fact. I never felt like there was anything that was random and illogical. This shows how intelligent author is. every event was so intricately connected with each other . Author paid attention to minute details and made this world.

Story line:

story was narrated from two point of views which was done with great intricacies. Before getting started with this book I wan’t aware of what kind of book this is going to be. I just picked this book when I saw its cover and then it was impossible for me to put it down. I finished this book in 3 sittings. I liked there was no bitchy character in book because they are very annoying

Final Review: 

This is an amazing book and there is no way it was a debut novel, I would say thank you to Emily Bain Murphy for giving me pleasure to read this book,!!

5 star


Book of Life


Every night, I add one page in my book called “my life” binding it with love, lots of happy moments and fond memories. Sometimes there are imprints of mistakes but my book is getting loaded every night making me brave, and letting me know that I can be through no matter what situation is going to be, I will be ready..lot more steps to take and lot more pages to add..