Hindi Poetry Book Recommendation

Hello readers and welcome to my blog, today I am here with some Hindi poetry book recommendations. As far as I remember I was not much of a poetry lover but in past few years I have developed my taste for poetry, and Hindi poetry makes me fall in love with this beautiful piece of art.

So let’s see what I have got for you this time.

  1. Madhushala by Harivansh Rai Bachchan:


Madhushala is considered a classic in Hindi literature, also a piece of advice do not read English translation.

2. Kuch Ishq Kiya, Kuch kaam kiya by Piyush Mishra:


A collection of poetry by Piyush Mishra is light heart and have a touch of modern day Hindi, so if you are thinking to get started with Hindi poetry this could be a great pick for you.

3. Naraz by Rahat Indori:


Rahat Indori is India’s most popular shayar and lyricist, Naraz is collection of shayaris and it is really good.

4.  Poetry by Gulzar:


“Do Log” is my favorite  but there are many other books from this author that you can enjoy.

That’s all for now and if you are planning to read any of these books or have recommendation for me, then do let me know..

Thanks for reading.


Is Petunia Dursley Good or Bad?


Hello readers and welcome to my blog, I have been seeing a lot of discussion on Petunia Dursley lately, people are debating if Petunia’s character good or not?

So I thought I should also present my take on this whole character discussion.

**********************Petunia Dursley**************************


Petunia, sister of Harry’s mother Lily Potter, if we take closer look on both sister’s childhood we get to know both were just like any other sibling, they loved each other and they were good and it is evident that reason of rift between them was Lily’s ability. When Lily started showing signs of being an extraordinary kid, it was obvious her parents were proud of her and she grabbed all their attention which made Petunia extremely jealous of her, which infact is pretty normal. Then Lily received her Hogwarts letter which made her even more special and Petunia even more jealous. Petunia even wrote to Dumbledore begging him to take her in Hogwarts to which headmaster replied very politely, when Lily confronted Petunia on writing to Dumbledore, she denied writing any letter even though Lily claimed she seen the reply from headmaster.

So there is a proof that Petunia wanted to be a witch. In many cases it is seen that when one sibling is better in that case other lives in its shadow, there is a possibility that petunia was compared to Lily and her achievements, which made her insecure about herself but question remains was she good or bad?

If she was bad then the question is why she took Harry? I think reason is, somewhere she loved her sister and was aware Harry might get killed who was infant when his mother died and she wanted to protect him.

So I am thinking how does people say she was a bad character? Is it because she despised Harry’s existence? Yes, it might be a possible answer, Harry was not aware about anything still somehow he was victim of a her aunt’s jealousy.  Harry constantly reminded Petunia of a place which made her sister great and the place where she wanted to go but couldn’t. There is a possibility that Harry reminded Petunia of her sister which reminded her of her unfulfilled ambitions. Somewhere she was aware of the fact that one day Harry will also go the place where he belonged…also she never stopped her husband or son when they used to bully Harry.

Also there is a theory, Harry had a part of Voldemort within him, which made Harry a Horecrux, and this was the reason why Dursleys despised him which cannot be ignored. There were parts where we saw kind side of Petunia, in fifth book when Vernon asked Harry to leave, Petunia argued and let Harry stay.

So at the end, my conclusion is Petunia was not good to Harry but that doesn’t make her villain, at least she protected him for eleven years.

What you guys think, do let me know.

Half-Yearly Top-5 Reads

Hello and welcome to my blog, so its already July and we have come through six months of this year. In terms of reading, this year is going great for me as I have read many great books. Also the reason why I call this as a great reading year because I have read books out of my comfort zone.

So, today I have decided to share top five books that I have read this year with you guys. So without delaying just dive right into the list.

  1. The Disappearances by Emily Bain Murphy:


“Alia and her brother Miles, after the death of her mother moves to the town of Sterling and soon realizes there is something strange about the town. 

What is the mystery of this town and how all the events going on and are connected to Aila and Miles?”

This was truly a unique book I have read in so many years, and it was the book I literally completed in one sitting. If you are looking for fast paced and intriguing suspense do pick this one.

2. Neverwhere  by Neil Gaiman:


Under the streets of London, there is one more London which is far more dark and dangerous. It is a place where magic exists and monsters lives, it is a place where people fall through cracks on upper London. Richard our protagonist, unknowingly becomes part of London below and how it changes his life “

This book was my first Gaiman book and I am so glad I picked this book, this is proof of how unique a human imagination can be. This dark urban fantasy but absolutely beautiful. So if you want to read something crazy, this is the right pick for you.

3. The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell:

images (6)

A story of time travel and a story which moves back and forth in modern day New York and 1900s New York.”

This is an absolutely amazing book which have everything in it like magic, time-travel, gangs of 1900, politics, conspiracy and betrayal. It is a book which involves a lot of magic but not Harry Potter kind of but still if you are looking to read amazing book just pick this one.

4. The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw:


“In a small town of Sparrow, around 200 years ago three sisters were drowned in sea  accused of witchcraft and seducing men of town, but they return every summer to take their revenge from this town.”

An original story and interesting premise, I picked this book just by reading its blurb, I must say this was a satisfying read, there was some eerie and creepy moments in book that would easily make you uncomfortable. I loved this book and I recommend this book to everyone who loved reading creepy story line.

5. My Sister’s Bones by Nuala Ellwood;


  Kate Rafter, has witnessed horrible childhood and is compelled to return to her home town which she left long back and never came. This time when she is back she realizes there is someone who needs her help but she is not sure if she is hallucinating these events or if they are happening for real”

If you guys are fan of nail biting thriller then this is just a book for you. A book that will out smart your wits and keep you thinking entire time. If you are fan of books like “Girl on the Train” and “Gone Girl” than this should be your next pick.

This is it guys for now, don’t forget to share your top five reads of this year with me. Also for detailed reviews you can follow me on goodreads, till then take care and bye.

Book Review: Big Bones by Laura Dockrill


Hello readers and welcome to my blog, today I am here to share my views on book “Big Bones” by Laura Dockrill. People say never judge a book by its cover which is true but still I picked this book because it was an absolute beauty.

So without delaying lets dive right into my thoughts on book.


A heart-warming teen story from the unique voice of Laura Dockrill, about Bluebelle, aka BB, aka Big Bones – a sixteen-year-old girl encouraged to tackle her weight even though she’s perfectly happy, thank you, and getting on with her life and in love with food. Then a tragedy in the family forces BB to find a new relationship with her body and herself. Moving, memorable and hilarious.


Book follows story of Bluebelle aka BB aka big bones, who is 16 y/o bold and beautiful girl, who was asked to maintain food dairy after surviving an asthma attack, who is fat btw and absolutely happy the way she is but still she agrees to keep food journal so that she can bargain with her mother on not going back to school after summer vacations.

I really liked idea and premise of this novel and I appreciate efforts of author to present this story in the quirkiest way possible. This book promote the idea of being all body type positive which made me give book favor. TBH, story line was quite relate able and I was understanding what BB was going through. The other interesting thing that caught my eye was, that they named each chapter after a food item, it was not just book but food porn.

I liked how author showed BB’s dynamics with her broken family and Cam who is her only friend. I loved every moment shared by BB and Dove together. It was sad what happened to her family but I guess that was for greater good.

Now if I talk about writing style, I found narration bit confusing yet hilarious. I personally have some problems with BB’s personality though, I mean being body positive is okay but on cost of health? and I found BB reckless and stubborn and somehow attention seeker, there were so many instancs when everybody was discussing about problems but BB turns that conversation to her being fat. I loved Dove’s character the most.


3/5 Stars

Maybe I had unrealistic expectations from books, but still it was a quirky read.

Book Review: Animal Farm by George Orwell


Hello readers and welcome to my blog, today I am here to share my views on “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. To be honest, I am not a person who has read a lot of classics but then I found this book in library and I picked it.

I have read this book few days back but haven’t got chance to update reviews yet, so here I am, after all its never too late. So without further a do let’s dive straight into the review.


As ferociously fresh as it was more than a half century ago, this remarkable allegory of a downtrodden society of overworked, mistreated animals, and their quest to create a paradise of progress, justice, and equality is one of the most scathing satires ever published. As we witness the rise and bloody fall of the revolutionary animals, we begin to recognize the seeds of totalitarianism in the most idealistic organization; and in our most charismatic leaders, the souls of our cruelest oppressors.


In Penguin’s copy of modern classic there is an entire section explaining the purpose of this book and I am stunned how beautifully author did what he intended to do. This book was originally published in 1945, and is believed to be an allegory of Russian Revolution. This is an amazing piece of work that even today it is a part of curricular, and even today it force people to realize which we often do not understand.

This book was satire on those powerful hypocrites who claim to work for the needs of  downtrodden but end up being even more powerful. I liked how author chose to discuss serious issues without any difficulty.

Story is about Manor Farm, where mistreatment of animals by humans lead to a rebellion where animals take over the farm which was previously owned by a human and now owned and managed by animals, some ground rules are set and all are considered equal but there are some intelligent animals in farm who decides to change rules one by one by manipulating others and completely takes power in their hands. Soon other animals in farm realizes this was not the kind of society they hoped for.

Language of book is very simple and pace and flow of story is perfect..there will be no point in book where you will get feeling of story being unnecessarily dragged.

I am completely satisfied with this book and I really regret why I have avoided this book for so long.


4/5 Stars

This is an absolutely amazing piece of art.



Book Review: The Moon Day by Santhosh Sivaraj


Hello readers and welcome back to my blog, today I am here to share my views on book  ” The Blue Moon Day” by Santhosh Sivaraj.

First of all I would like to thank author for sending me review copy of the book and keeping his trust in my words.

So without further a do let’s jump right into the review.


The Blue moon Day is a story of five people who are stuck in different phases of life and are on the verge of giving up, but there is an old man who impacts their lives positively. I liked how an engineer fights to win pizza contest. In nutshell I can say I love how this book deals with how to prioritize the life. Sometimes we are stuck in situations that we don’t see how solutions can be simple and make our lives complicated.

Stories are simple yet effective, perfect reading pleasure and I am glad how much efforts author has put into his work.

Writing style is simple and book was short which I liked, and I liked the whole concept of the book. We need more positivity around us and this is why I liked book. Although at some parts I found book to be unnecessary long.

And with this I would like to wrap up my review for this one.


4/5 Stars







Book Review: Scattered Constellations by Ankita Singh


Hello Readers and welcome to my blog, today I will be sharing my thoughts on book Scattered Constellations by Ankita Singh.

First of all I would like to thank Ms. Ankita for sharing Advanced Review Copy with me and putting her trust in me and my words. So without delaying I will now share my thoughts on this book.


Scattered Constellations is a collection of beautiful poetry, author weaved all her emotions in words and created this beautiful piece of art . I am personally a poetry person because it always surprise me how writers just express themselves and I liked this one too.

Author shared her feeling through this book, she showed gratitude to people whom she loves, and best part was she included everyone in this from her best friend to her cat.

If we look at writing style, I must say I liked how author kept language simple yet effective and it was free verse style of writing. Those were really some comforting words. There was heart-break, hope, motivation, emotions, love and ambitions in this book, in all complete package. My favourite poem is “Desire”, “Gold” and “A Rebuke From my Heart”.


4/5 Stars,

I am looking forward to read more from this author.