Being Comapred??


No matter what we do and what we accomplish we always end up getting compared, no matter how hard we work there is always somebody out there who is better than us and then somebody who is best!! just a moment and we got compared again..and there is a list of people to be blamed.


But just take a moment and think aren’t we doing same to ourselves? aren’t we comparing ourselves?? no matter what you say, I say we do comparisons when it comes to job or money or world tour…somehow we think why them and not us? for example you just logged in facebook and you saw a checkin from one of your friend who have started working abroad and now will be earning some fat money…at that particular moment aren’t we going to get jealous? and eventually end up thinking all the worst decisions we made in our lives and will soon end up regretting..without even thinking for once that what that friend must have faced to be there where he is today. No matter where he is ,he will still end up getting compared to someone even better.

we compare our thigh gaps and even our social media posts and often tried to validate our existence by showing off that somehow we are better and cooler than other and this is what I say we are comparing ourselves.


we stuff ourselves from stress and competition. sometimes we often push down our own opinions down the gutter because they are not practical enough. lets take a moment and breath and let us explore all our ideas and opinions for ourselves and for once lets not do comparisons..let’s leave this comparison thing to others, anyways they will still compare us. lets appreciate what we got and work hard for what we want…


!!January 2018!!Wrap up

Hi guys, so January is over and I managed to read 2 books in this month.. yeah I know its quiet less but I  am taking it slow and trying not to pressure myself over the numbers. I think I should read without keeping track of number of books in particular as of now and once I am back on track then I will take it seriously….*I mean it*.

So here is my list of books that I finished Reading..

  1. Love Her Wild by Atticus
  2. Geek Girl by Holly Smale.

I liked both the books and you can check my reviews for these books and follow me on Goodreads.

I recently visited a bookstore near by THE WORKS and there is a sale going on so I bought three books which I am going to share with you guys.

  1. Summer at the little wedding shop by Jane Linfoot



2) The Time to Kill by Mason Cross


3) The German Girl by Armando Lucas Correa


thanks for stopping by..and that’s all for now, have a great day guys.

Life in london #2


Hello people and welcome to my blog, today i will be sharing other insights from my life in London. So, since the first blog nothing changed, everything is pretty same. so schedule is again I wake up and start looking for job …but on brighter side I have got my first interview call, so things are yet to be finalized.. for the first time in past one week of my stay here I went out on my own and I am quiet happy I end up buying new books also I am trying to read more and more books. Now a days I have started cooking with even more interest. yes!! I look for new recipes and then I cook it and results are usually good…to utilize my time I have started brainstorming for new blog ideas and have decided that I will be posting more than usual. for now that’s all ‘from my side!!!!

thanks for reading!!



Books - vector illustration

Hello people and happy Feb!! I thought I would be sharing something about book recommendations!!!!!

So I was in flight when one cabin crew member walked upto me and asked for book recommendations. That moment, yes…that particular moment is a moment of panic for me..because when someone randomly walks up to u and asks for book recommendations at that particular moment of time I forget what books I have read ..I can’t recall books to recommend. *Phew* alot of pressure there my friends.

So today I will be discussing about struggles of books recommendations.

So I can categorize readers in two major categories


1) New Readers:

Although new readers are easy to recommend books but this is not it..there are multiple factors that are needed to be considered. For example the book I recommend them is not something they are really looking forward to read..or what if they don’t like my recommendation or they judge me for my book choice. After recommending book thoughts keep coming back to me like “I hope I have recommended good book because person is a new reader so it becomes important that they like book.” What of they don’t trust me anymore with books. It always happens that new readers are generally not aware of genre which makes task even more difficult…

2) Pro readers:

So books are generally easy to recommend to pro readers but difficulties arise when pro readers have already read all the books I recommend or when they start discussing about book I never heard of!! Or they hate hate books I recommend them or I hate what books they recommend is all so difficult..

But I believe we cannot impress all so just recommend books you like because you have your own taste in books

Thanks for reading!!







Life in London!!


IMG_20180129_004727449Hello beautiful people out there, this is me again but there is a minor change…. Yes!! My life recently took a slight change and now I am in one the most beautiful and historically rich city, guess where I am?? Oh!! I know you read the title..yes I am in London city..*yuhooo*

How did it happen?

So I got married last month and after that I shifted here with my God it’s cold here and it’s always drizzling which made me fall for the city instantly!! Like personally I love winters and here in London weather is kinda unpredictable…


Although there was excitement about me getting a chance to live in this country and beautiful city, I was feeling strange leaving home and family behind. Definitely I was excited to join my better half but still there was something that hurt.

changes in life

Yes there are some major changes in my life after I came here, I am free all day doing nothing but looking for job and keep clicking that “apply” button. My husband leaves for work early which leaves me all by myself which I do like but sometimes I feel like should be at home..but I believe being homesick is natural and it happens to all. So now I have decided to explore the city. For me the best way to explore some new place is on foot so I will be going out for sometime by myself.

And I should tell you that change of time zone is not hard on me…I mean yes, I have heard change in time zone may have huge impact on people but for me it is not that tough.

About city

There is nothing new that I can say about this beautiful place. There has been a lot said about this city…though I like this city but still I am trying to be a  part of it and I am very much interested to see if this city will accept me, as of now we are still strangers. There are alot of people from different ethnicities and I wonder how well this city has been treating all people from different Nations and ethnicities, embracing people of different caste, color and Creed.. whenever I cross somebody I hear them talking in their local languages….also I noticed that people here are very disciplined and laborious.

So as of now that’s all….thanks for reading and being part of my journey..



Book Review: Geek Girl by Holly Smale


Wassup beautiful people!!! So I have finished reading Geek Girl by Holly Smale few days back but didn’t get time to review it!! So here are my thoughts about book…

I loved how this book actually got started


Yes, this is how this book got started!! It is a story of Harriet Manners who is a geek, who knows almost everything except how to be stylish and ends up being a model.

Story Line: 

Story is interesting throughout, although story line was pretty predictable but it can be ignored as this book was an entertaining journey..


So Harriet is a protagonist of this book. 15 y/o geek who possess knowledge who loves physics and maths and who loves her family and best friend Nat. She lives simple life until a day when she got spotted by a modelling agency. Harriet sick of being bullied by her classmate Alexa, now wants to jump into modelling so that she can transform herself from a geek to chick.

if I am a 15 y/o getting bullied even I will try to transform myself. This is what made me love this book.

Other character from this book whom I liked was Annabelle, she is a stepmother of Harriet and is the only sensible person in book..when Harriet wanted to go for modelling she was the person who was concerned about her academics and future unlike her father who was Happy just by the thought that Harriet would be model. Apart from this how Annabelle was always in touch with Wilbur when everyone else thought she knows nothing. Anabelle was the smartest person in the room

Annoying Characters:

Toby, he was the third most annoying person in book. He stalks Harriet.. everywhere. He sits inside bushes outside her house. He followed her to washroom and apart from that he vomited on her.

Harriet’s Father, second most annoying person and finally Alexa( Vamp).

Things I liked;

*Story was simple and clear.

*Author did phenomenal job in keeping readers engaged.

*This book was beautifully hi humorous.

There isn’t anything that I didn’t like in particular.


If you are looking for fun, light hearted book this book serves the purpose also will keep you entertained.

Favourite Quite:

“Nobody hopped into a wardrobe to find Narnia; they hopped in, thinking it was just a wardrobe. They didn’t climb up the Faraway Tree, knowing it was a Faraway Tree; they thought it was just a really big tree. Harry Potter thought he was a normal boy; Mary Poppins was supposed to be a regular nanny. It’s the first and only rule. Magic comes when you’re not looking for it.”
― Holly SmaleGeek Girl




My world collapsed when your betrayal broke the silence of night,

The song I sang in cozy winter nights were just lies

You said you were tired but so was I..
You peeled my soul layer by layer yet you felt I was just a shadow
Such tragedy it is that I wanted to be perfect for you…and now ghost of pain stalks me Everytime!!