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YA Cliche I love!!

Hey guys!! I wish you all good luck and happiness…so here I am doing a new blog category *taddddddaaaaaa* which is YA Cliche that I love…..omg I am so excited and I got this blog idea from very famous vlogger Ms. Regan from Pursue projects.. and I thought why not I should give this tag a try!! So here goes my list

1) The chosen One: 

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“You are the one who is going to save the world from this apocalypse, it was you always….from the beginning it was the prophecy” so I love such stories where protagonist are the chosen one or where there is a prophecy that particular person is going to change the chores of time or is going to end the evil. Perfect example of this would be the prophecy of princess Lucia in Falling Kingdom series by Morgan Rhodes.

2) Forbidden Romance:

I love reading forbidden romance, it always interests me how plot involves  forbidden romance and then follows twists and turns and all societal pressure and all oozing love…

3) Realisation of Power/ Magic:

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So I love reading plot twists where protagonist gets to know about hidden superpowers or when protagonist uncovers magical powers. Perfect example of this would be Mare Burrow from Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard where Mare discovers she can create electricity even after being Red Blood. So basically these realisations makes plot hundred times interesting.

4) Vengeful Plots: 

Stories which involves vengeance are my favorite, for example there is cruel king and then there is a rebel and their little games are quite interesting to read. There is so much drama, strategies, planning and their a reader also it takes a lot!! Phewww

5) Setup which is new world:

When writer tries to create a whole new world I love reading about it, Harry Potter is a perfect example of it

So guys these were the favorite cliches that I like… I hope you will share yours in comment section!! Tc guys


Life as we know it

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Hey guys!! I hope you all are doing great. Guys so I have always been the ambitious one with big dreams. The kind of person who wants all but to achieve future dreams am I ignoring my present dreams and aspirations?? I don’t know…I don’t understand. I quit my job because of some personal reason but I am aching to go back and start my work!! I love my work and I badly miss it but somewhere down line I know I am enjoying not doing anything. I can sleep late and I can wake up I can afford time for every other thing that was not possible earlier…I am still dreaming big but I love this break as well.


An Orphic Loon!

This is an amazing piece of work by Priyanshu check her blog for more of his amazing work


​She has different priorities,

A different way of looking at things.

She sings different tunes

And play different strings.

She is not at all affable

You might not even know her name.

But the stars know her inside out,

Atleast that’s what the universe claims.

She’s​ not intrigued by the numbers,

But the freckles on the moon.

And don’t mistake her for a normal girl darling

Cause she’s an orphic loon!


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Book quotes

Book Quote: Geek Girl

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“Nobody hopped into a wardrobe to find Narnia; they hopped in, thinking it was just a wardrobe. They didn’t climb up the Faraway Tree, knowing it was a Faraway Tree; they thought it was just a really big tree. Harry Potter thought he was a normal boy; Mary Poppins was supposed to be a regular nanny. It’s the first and only rule. Magic comes when you’re not looking for it.”
― Holly SmaleGeek Girl



We all come across one advise Everytime which is to smile more and more…so smiling is actually packed up with bunch of benefits and today here I am sharing top-5 benefits of smiling backed by science.

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1) Reduce Stress:

We all agree that stress is common in today’s time which can cause problem of blood pressure and related disease, but don’t worry it has very fun remedy all you need to do is smile. Smiling slows down heart rate. So smile more to keep your heart healthy.

2) Contagious:

Yes you read it right!! Smiling is contagious which means basically you can lift not just your mood but everyone else’s.

3) Prevents ageing:

So when we smile our face lifts naturally which helps in slowing down effects of ageing on face.

4) Maintains Positivity:

Definitely we all are aware of this benefit of smiling. Smiling brings positivity which naturally reduces all the stress and all the burden you have and makes you love life and appreciate yourself.

5) Makes you prettier:

Smiling is a best way to look pretty. We all are attracted to people who are Happy and radiates Positivity.

So guys here is a link of a video explaining why we should be smiling

So if you think this is helpful please share this with others otherwise stress apocalypse will soon take over the world… See guys we are in grave danger!! 😉

At last stay happy and keep smiling!!


Stand-alone Books v/s series

Hello lovely people, I wish you all happiness and I wish you can eat anything you want without gaining weight 😂😂😂. Actually I need such miracles. So guys here I am once again to have discussion on book preference so I wanted to ask if you guys prefer “STANDALONE BOOKS” or “BOOK SERIES”.

I kinda feel like I am very much comfortable with both, I mean both of them have pros and cons which I will be discussing with you guys

1) Stand-alone Books:

For me Stand alone books are better than series because they are done with story and they do not makes us wait till the time new book in series gets released. Also they are comparatively short you don’t have to wait forever to actually reach the end of the story.

2) Series:

But I always end up reading series, from one series to other. Waiting for one book and other and then sometimes I struggle to remember the details in last book of a series so before starting new book again I end up reading previous book in series. But I still love reading these series I don’t know why exactly but when I see my reading list I find series. And when series end I feel like I have lost a family or I should say it is like goodbyes to your favorite world.

Guys do let me know about your preferences in this context