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It was a light of hope in your eyes that seen my fractured soul….


Seeking Validation

Sometime there are things that bother me, I believe I am not part of trend and I like doing things my way…or I should say I generally don’t do things that people often enjoy.

Now a days I have seen so people around me who are very much following the trend and are constantly seeking validation from society that they are so cool!! There is nothing wrong with it but yes this behavior do bother me. I mean I do things that I like. I don’t see a point in seeking validation from people who barely know me and the best they can judge me is from what I wear and where I go or what is my friend circle..point is trend keeps changing, what will happen if suppose generally we are not in position to keep up with this on going trend..in that case will this society accept me?? Answer is no. They will not, reason being it is us who are asking them whether it is fine if we are living life our way. I think we should definitely keep a track of what is going on around us but seeking validation is something which is not for me..

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Q & A

Hey guys!! I have come across the idea where we all can know each other better, so here I am conducting Q&A session wherein you guys can ask me questions and I will answer you!! You can leave your questions in comment section or you can connect with me on Instagram and Gmail.

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