About Author

Twenty something, Offbeat, nerd, foodie,wannabe writer, curious, spontaneous, bathroom singer, barati dancer, loves to chat!!!! a proud gryffindor, book reviewer…I have a job that helps me in earning bread and helps me a lot with my reading hobbies and exploring places. i love rains, tea, coffee, my dairy, my pen…I believe in karma..and also I believe hard work always pays off. 

I am a kind of person who wants to go places after work rather than going home straight and sleep after dinner. I am not talking about fancy places but just walking alone with earphones on and lovely music or sitting in some park enjoying weather and  tea or reading beneath the stars or just simple stargazing. 

About Blog

Welcome to my blog…I have my takes on life which are sometimes hilarious  I believe.. so I pen down what I feel some times. you will majorly find book discussions on my blog, discussions on authors, my writeups, my favorite book quotes, there is chit chat section where usually I try to know what other people think about things, also there is a section of regular rants where I keep record of what I feel when I am screwed up, random thoughts that pops in my mind…

there is also a section called “Health” where I usually try to post on subjects which are common but still somehow we forsee it. 

Calling for Writers

i love reviewing books, so if you want you can send me copies of book for the reviews but do let me know about it in advance. Accepting self published books as can contact me for book reviews email id: My postal address is available on request via mail.

All the book reviews are my honest reviews, I write honestly what I feel by reading a book.


This is my blog and whatever I am writing is my personal work and my point of view. all content is copyrighted , you are always welcome to share your feed back with me anytime. we are just one mail apart.

Thanks for reading guys!!




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