Last Kiss!!

images (1)Maya was impatient, she looked at clock as she was eagerly waiting for shivank her husband. Today he is coming back after completion of project at client site. She was feeling butterflies in her gut by the anticipation of his presence.

Tik-tok, tik-tok was the only sound she could hear. She decided to make something for shivank and gajar ka halwa was something Shivank would love and hence she headed towards market to fetch ingredients. After about an hour when she returned she found something that made her happiest.yes he was here, shivank was there in front of her eyes. At this moment Maya was happy, emotional, surprised and was in love.

“C’mon!! Give me a hug” he said.

She ran towards him and they hugged each other, they kissed each other. A kiss that was stored for long time. Both of them were having teary eyes.

Maya pulled herself and asked “how come you reached early?”

“Anything for you ma’am” he said with tears in his eyes and smile on his lips.

After a moment of silence, he continued, “no matter where I go, where I am, I will always love you.”

“I know” she replied and pulled him for other long, slow and passionate kiss. They were enjoying their when someone knocked on their door. She pulled herself away from him to see who is on door, but he held her hand and said not to go otherwise this moment will get ruin. Simultaneously there was constant knock on thier door. ” I will just get back in a second” she said and left the room to see who is their visitor.

When she opened a door she saw two policemen.

“Are you Mrs. Maya” ?? They asked.

“Yes” she replied.

” your husband is no more” they said.

“Are you crazy?? What the hell was that and how dare you asked me this question” she said. ” my husband is with me, he is in”. She said.

The was silence in room.

“You don’t believe me right??” She said. “Come with me, you can come and see he is in”.

But when they got in no one was there, “madam, your husband died in road accident and here is his body” policeman said.

And her world turned upside down.



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