25 Bookish Facts about me!!

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Hey guys, today I am here sharing 25 bookish facts about me. So here goes the list:

1) Hardback covers are amazing but I prefer paperback.

2) My Goodreads challenge for this years is to read 30 books because I really don’t get much time to read.

3) I can read 75-100 pages in an hour, totally depends on a day.

4) I generally do my reading before bed and sometimes after getting ready for work.

5) My favourite genre to read is fantasy and historical fiction.

6) I don’t really like erotica.

7) I love reading book series than stand alones.

8) I face difficulties while reading classics.

9) I haven’t tried reading horror but I am keen to read it.

10) I haven’t read Fault in our stars.

11) I don’t like lending my books just like that I hope you understand.

12) I love thriller, Dan Brown and Sydney Sheldon is particularly my favourite authors.

13) I love audio books, I really like sitting back with head phones on with nice cup of tea.

14) I make notes while reading books of my favourite quotes. I have a dairy wherein I write all.

15) Before buying any book I try to find its free pdf.

16) I buy all my books online.

17) I carry my book along wherever I go.

18) I have think I cannot bear thought of breaking spine of my book.

19) Book that I absolutely love is ” The Kite Runner”.

20) Though I am a reader but I am not a creative writer.

21) I love when non reader starts reading and I love giving book recommendations.

22) Love story that have impact on me is ” Elenor and Park” by Rainbow Rowell.

23) current book series that I am reading is “Falling Kingdom” by Morgan Rhodes.

24) I am in love with book character, Elias Veturious from “An Ember in the Ashes” by Sabaa Tahir.

25) I have special place for negative characters in my heart and my favourite is King Maven from “Red Queen” series by Victoria Avyard.


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