Stronger than I thought!!


Last week I was sitting in my office attending a con call which was regarding team performance. I was there bored and was the questioned about dip in performance and numbers. Trust me it was one of the most demoralising moment for me. I was best but during that call I got to know that I was second best. Any ways, it didn’t matter as I was going on trekking trip after work. I never knew that I needed that break. So after work I picked my bag pack and left for Triund with my college buddies. Whole idea of trek was amazing and we all were super excited for the same but I was not aware that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. On the day of trek me and my friends reached the place where we were supposed to meet our guide and other people who were going along with us.

And then the journey began. There were some stairs and the moment we began climbing the stairs we were tired. Yes this is how we started. Still keeping our heart strong we continued. Definitely I was unfit for any such trek though people said it was baby trek but I had my fair share of struggle. While trek multiple times I wanted to go back, I wanted to cry. But something kept me moving and then when I reached Triund I realised the pain that I endured during the trek was worth. The end result was worth, the view, the environment, the weather everything was worth. This was the first time when I stayed in tents and slept in sleeping bags. There was something there that made me forget all the pain and fatigue. I was on top of world with my friends. I sat on rock nearby and was looking at stars which seemed at one hand distance and thought I was thinking to give up this trek because of all pain and inconvenience. But I was stronger than I thought or I should rather say I am strong.

Now I am back with new positive energy with hope that I will not give up because now I know I am stronger than I think.



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