Simple things that I still love!!


Hello people, so how is your life going?? I hope everything is fine and I wish more power to all of you who are reading this.

Guys being adult is not easy with all those responsibilities, stress and quest to achieve more, but still there are certain simple things that still makes us happy. For example stargazing, it is one of the best thing that gives me happiness and I forget all stress when I look at beautiful sky, it gives me assurance that in today’s world where things change rapidly this sky and these stars will remain same. Going on long walks with my friend and singing hindi songs make happy and every time one of us crack any lame joke it makes sure that we still have child in us. Watching Harry Potter every weekend makes me happy, every time my books arrive I am the most happy person at that moment. Whenever I eat ghar ka daal chawal, I feel like I am alive. When I a person I love asks me how was my day I feel happy.

I think life is worth living and moments like this makes life more Special.

Pic credit : google


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