Who cares???


They looked at me and said, “you are old enough to settle down”.

I said,”but it’s not a part of my plan”.

They said,”who cares about plan, not all plans work and you never know getting married is your best chance.”

I said, “you don’t care about my life plans but I do. It’s my life after all.”

They said,” he is decent and well earning guy, give us a good reason to reject him”.

I said, ” I am not mentally prepared to take such decision and responsibility.”

They said, ” reason is not good enough.”

I cried.

They said,” don’t be a baby if you will let go him now you will never get such suitable match again and at the end you will compromise.”

I said,” if I marry him, I am compromising anyways”.

They said, “this is how life goes and smiled.”

My dreams and aspirations got killed and I cried.


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