Today I was going through my Facebook feeds and found a post by my friend that made me write this blog post today. Guys we are so engrossed in our lives today that we are not even aware what is going on with people we love. Are they happy Or they are stressed?? Or they are depressed?? Guys we don’t realise but this depression slowly makes way to our lives and then it starts slowly killing. Kindly keep your eyes wide open, if you think that somebody around you is stressed or he or she needs to talk please be approachable so that they can come to you. Make them speak, show them that you are there on their side that they are not alone and everything will fall in place.

So guys here I am sharing certain self help tips to combat depression:

  1. Stay connected to people, talk to them,try to speak about things that are bothering you and are making you feel weak.
  2. Read books even if you don’t like reading.
  3. Engage yourself in some hobby.
  4. Care for pet or plant.
  5. Watch movies
  6. Stay active on social media even if you are not a social media person.
  7. Try to get enough sleep.
  8. Expose yourself to sunlight.
  9. Practice yoga.
  10. So guys, these were some general tactics to cope with depression. And if at any point of time you feel like you need someone to talk, try me!! I am always there for you.all you guys have to do is just open up. I am a person who will never judge you. Trust me.

9 thoughts on “Depression

    1. To be honest, it’s never easy, it is one of the most difficult times that people go through but with love, care and Patience there is possibility of making everything alright!! Just be approachable so that people can open up wid you. What say bunny?

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      1. Yes, you are right. But when you are in that void, you don’t want to hear or see anyone. You just want to lost somewhere you even can’t see yourself. Atleast I feel so , and for opening up to others will peel off the happy mask and show them the scars I am carrying , so its risky 🙂


      2. but it won’t be good if others get hurt their fingers while lighting candles for me. So keeping those fears and secrets in the dark will be safer, at least that way It won’t hurt others anymore 😀

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