Take Aways!!

Happy new year guys and very good morning!! So what are your plans for this year, what is going to be your approach and perception this year?? If there is something new then please do share it in comment section. For me 2016 was definitely not one of the Best years but there were certain good things that happened. My first job, I met new people who, I realized that people can be friends even if you don’t meet them everyday. I realised that sometimes staying silent is good, I got to know that there are ample of opportunity for us to learn new things and be a  better  version of yourself, I realised family will be always at your side even in your darkest times and friends will make that time easier. People will come and go but you are the only one for yourself. These were some of my take aways from last passed years what about you guys?


8 thoughts on “Take Aways!!

  1. Its been a big shift in horizon Preru if I consider ending for learning through white boards / books to performing in professional front !
    And yes one thing common in both of these is Evaluation. Keep up the good spirit !

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