Top-10 books I read


Hi guys, so 2016 is almost over and I am looking forward for 2017 to read more amazing stories!! So here I am sharing my top 10 favourite books that I read this year.

The silent sister: 

This is one of the most shocking books that I have ever read!! This book is about Riley who discovers that her sister who died when she was 17 is actually alive and living under some different identity. As story unfolds shocking truths get revealed.

The Kite Runner:

Book that stirred all emotions inside me, while reading this book I was angry, I was sad, I was confused, I was happy. Story that ripped my heart, story that made me cry. This book is a about Amir and Hassan and their friendship. It is a story where Amir betrayed Hassan and lived his entire life in guilt. But then how he finds ‘way to be good again’.

An Ember In The Ashes:

This book is my all time favourite, I have read it 3 times already and I fell in love with characters of this book. I want to marry Elias. Anyways this book is about a girl  Laia who will cross any limit to save her brother who is taken by martials. Martial  are cruel who crush every scholar and Elias is a martial soldier who himself want to go away from martial empire. How Laia and Elias come across each other and how they helped each other is what makes this book even more interesting.

Torch Against The Night:

This is second installment in an ember in the ashes series. It starts right where first book ended. Again sabaa tahir made us visit whole new world.

All the Bright Places:

This book is by Jenifer Niven, story of voilet and finch. Both are going through difficult phase of their lives. This book left me with a lot questions like whatever finch did was it necessary?? Or why voilet gave up on finch?? I know she tried hard but she could have tried harder.

Elenor and Park: 

Teenage love story by Rainbow Rowell. This is a story of Elenor who is fat, red head girl who have disastrous sense of fashion. This a story of Park a normal teenager boy who loves Eleanor inspite of the fact that she is that weird. But as story progresses we come across many shocking facts and the fact that when someone is in love with you he can move mountains.


Red Queen:

In this book people are divided on the basis of color of their blood. Silever colored bloods are considered superior over red colored. Silvers have some supernatural powers that reds don’t have. But Mare a red blood possess some powers, and when silvers know about Mare, her life changes.

Girl on the Train:

Rachel takes same train everyday to London and everyday she notices a couple, a happy couple. But one day that lady disappears and Rachel gets feeling that she has something to do with that lady’s disappearance. A shocking thriller that will not let you put book down.

Eat Pray Love:

It is a story of Elizabeth Gilbert and her life, how she discovered herself after her divorce. She travelled to three different countries and how she learned to be happy and satisfied.

Glass Sword:

It is second instalment of red queen series. With this book, story becomes even more intense and Victoria Avyard did awesome job in keeping readers on edge of chair.

So this was my list, do share your favourite book List that you read this year and let me know about your views in comment section.





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