Start doing new things!!


Hey guys, I hope you are doing great and I wish all good luck to you. So from past few days I am trying something new. Actually I decided to sketch!! Sketching is definitely not my cup of tea but I don’t know why and how I started doing it. Since childhood I was scared of sketching and coloring but when I started doing it few days back I really enjoyed it and I can’t believe I am addicted now, even at work during my free time I start scribbling something. I know it’s not a big deal but I am feeling young as I am full of enthusiasm and excitement and whatever I draw I show it to people. So my point here is we all must try to do something, we must learn something new. This way we remain active and positive. We know that person should never quit learning things. We should try something new maybe you also start liking something that you have been avoiding for so long. Do you like like the idea?? Do let me know!!



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