Beautiful Life


Today we complaint that this world is full of selfish and evil people who can betray you and hurt you and leave you all shattered which is true. At one point of time or other we have came across such people and as a result we all became cynical. Guys this life is too short to hate anyone or to be cynical. Just turn around and see there are so many people around you who makes you feel good, for whom you  are important. Just think about that little girl who came across you while shopping and her smile melted your heart. Just think about that roommate with whom you fight and secretly you wish that they leave but there are days when you are tired but they open door for you and smile at you. No matter how much you fight with your sibling but at the end of the day they are one who patiently listens to you. Just think about that guy at work on whom you spilled coffee by mistake but all he said was it was fine. we have trust issues but this life and this world is still a beautiful place to live. There are so many people with whom we get connect  there is no guarantee that every time it is going be a nice person but chances are there that we might meet someone nice. So don’t worry and just be happy.


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