Thoughts make us


thoughts make us, way we think matters, whether something is possible or not it is upto our thought and how we conceive it. There were many people who wanted to explore the mystery of this universe and secrets Lying beyond a human can imagine but see today we reached moon and now everyday we are coming across one or the other secret of this beautiful universe. It is because they were positive about their thoughts and their dreams. 

Think about that man, who does not have any fixed source of income but still he is educating his children, paying bills and even after so much struggle he smiles because he never thinks that he will fail, he always think of the ways in which he can make things work rather than being upset.

Think about a child, who knows that his father can’t afford the expensive toys but still he smiles and he stay happy.

so guys, my point is that we all have problems to deal with, we fight to survive, sometimes our hearts are broken and sometimes we are betrayed. But even in worst situations how we think and how we react makes us strong, dependable. It makes us kind of person who is ready to deal with life maybe scared but not weak. So be happy and stay positive.




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