Oh Dear Dairy!!


Today I was cleaning my wardrobe and I found something very very special, it was my journal, the journal I grew up with, the journal that I maintained since I was in 3rd grade. A crazy journal, with lots of harry potter stickers, Adam Levin’s pictures, Lyrics of songs, school picnic pictures, thoughts, quotes, short stories, fantasies and a lot more and then after going through pages after pages and relishing my childhood, my teenage I finally landed on the page that said ” dream to-do list”. And then I started going through them. After looking at that list I felt life was so simple when I noted these points in my journal and realised how vibrant I used to be but now I am a totally changed person, I don’t get time and I am always in hurry but that list somehow made me think that this is not a life that I have always imagined and this is not I wanted to be. So today I promised myself that I will try to do whatever I always wanted to do and now I will be crossing tasks off from my to do list. Guys we all have to do lists with us but in flow of time we just forget them so I would like to say pick your list and start crossing tasks off and you will feel younger again. Just do it!!!


7 thoughts on “Oh Dear Dairy!!

  1. OMG – I TOTALLY had a situation where someone gave NOT my diary to others that thought it was my diary, but why do u think someone would do that hypothetically? I mean, if i could get that question answered, maybe I could start crossing off those to-do’s!


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