I will rise!!


That was a beautiful day, everything was perfect and bright and hopeful.But there was somebody who was shattered, who was lost as if all strings inside him were broken. He was sitting under a beautiful tree questioning his own existence. He closed his eyes and after sometime he felt someone’s presence beside him. He opened his eyes and saw an elderly lady was there. She was looking blankly at him. Her gaze made him uncomfortable and when he was about to leave she asked him.” What happened son?”

He didn’t knew how to react he simply ignored her. Again she asked, ” is everything alright?”.

But this time he instead of saying anything he broke into tears. Kind lady continued, ” sometimes it’s good to have chat with stranger.”

Somehow he managed to speak and said ” I always wanted to be a successful businessman but today I failed. I lost everything I ever had. I have nothing left. I am loser.” She smiled and said, ” so that’s the reason you are upset, so what you lost just rise again.”

He looked at her and said, ” you would never understand how it feels to lose something that meant so much to you.”

She just smiled and said, ” boy you still have entire life in front of you and you are never too old to start a fresh.”

” you know there was a time when my parents wanted me to marry a rich guy but marriage was the last thing in my mind. I still remember I was forced to marry that guy. But I never let my dreams die, I kept them alive near to my heart. I fought my family for my dreams, I fought my husband to achieve what I always wanted. It was not easy but I did. I have done each and everything I wanted to do and still every day I do something new. Something worth fighting for.” She continued.

He looked at her, he was stunned. He asked, ” what you always wanted to be??”

“A boxer” she replied. “Son, things happen in life that breaks you and your dreams but that does not mean you become cynical about life. Suppose you are walking and you stumble upon something and you fell.what would you do? She asked.

“I will stand again” he replied.

“Likewise while working on your dreams if you fall,then  don’t lose the grip on your dream and rise again.” She said.

He got the point she was trying to make. He said,” I will rise again”.





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