Hey guys, wassup!! How is life?? So guys yesterday while I was returning back to my room I witnessed an incident, so what happened was while getting back to home I stopped by a store and next to that store there are two ATM booths. I noticed that in front of one ATM there was a long queue which made it obvious that other ATM was out of service. People were coming and joining the queue and waiting for their turn, then after sometime a girl came and instead of joining queue for ATM she went to other ATM and she withdrew money and left.

This incident made me thought that we sometimes believe what others tell us, like in case of the ATM, nobody checked other machine and people kept joining the queue. Why this happened? Why we believe what people tells us instead of looking for facts ourselves. We just make perception by looking what others are doing and what they believe.


7 thoughts on “Perception!!

  1. It is just that we believe more in following the crowd , rather than making our own decision. In fact we feel safer in crowd. Recently I read so were that ” The only man who need security is the one who does not believe in his abilities”

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