Those days!!


Today is one of those days for me which are difficult and the worst part is you don’t even know why. These are those days when we get worst feelings about ourselves and we feel lonely and just want to cry and sleep all day. It is the day when we feel like nobody loves us. I think this is normal and it happens to all but I still don’t understand why sometimes we become so emotional and start to think everything that is happening is of no good, seems like dementor is sucking out all good memeories and hope out of me. Maybe tomorrow I will feel better but till then I have to deal with this feeling and I hate it.


8 thoughts on “Those days!!

  1. It’s quite normal….Naina…..somethings happen without reasons…. But the fact is we know the reasons, but either don’t want to acknowledge it, or act blind to it……kind of hidden stress….


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