Be Hero in Your Own way!!


Hi guys, how are you all?? I hope you are doing well!! So there is this guy who works with my flatmate and they are very good friends and my faltmate tells me alot about her friend circle at work and I got to know  that he is very nice and kind and everyday he walks by with one his colleague and drops her safely at home, to be honest I think he is a hero in his own way. For me hero is one who respects others, be nice and kind to them. For me hero is someone who make efforts so that people around him are happy. It is not necessary that hero always have some sort of super power. For me that person is hero who can make you laugh, a person who is kind, a person who stands for right, a person who makes difficult times easy, a person on whom we can always depend. My mum is my hero when she takes care of me, for me father is my hero because he gave me this life and made me independent and confident person, my sister is my hero when she tries to crack stupid jokes just to make me smile, my pet is my hero when he never leaves me alone whether I am rich or poor, my friends are my hero. So I would like to say for being hero we don’t need cape and super Power. We can just make simple efforts and we don’t realise but we all are heros in one way or the other.


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