Random Thouhts #2


This world is a big place and there are millions of people in it and we live in different countries and are in different time zones and belong to different cultures and have our own lifestyle but still I love the way we are connected. Most of us belong to the other part of the planet still we know each other and we admire each other be it on Facebook or through blogs or through books or TV series or movies. life is Amazing. Guys when I read something about your life or I see pictures I feel like I am part of your life and this makes me so happy and one thing that I learned is we all are same maybe our thinking is different but still we are same. Whay say?? How do you people feel when you come across new people in life??


2 thoughts on “Random Thouhts #2

  1. My favourite thing ever is when you look at someone and for the briefest second you realize that they have a life that is totally unknown to you and even though they don’t know who you are you feel slightly more connected with them.

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