Thank you so much TALES OF RYLLIA for nominating me for the Liebster Award. It’s a huge honor and I am very happy to accept this award and trust me this is very encouraging. Guys here is the link of blog of this amazing person’s blog . Guys please do visit!!!!



  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you- thank you so much Ryllia
  2. Share 11 facts about you.
  3. Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers for the award and give them 11 questions to answers.



  1. I am a person who loves to talk a lot, seriously a lot.
  2. I love reading books and book quotes and I believe that it makes my life better and I have book boyfriend whose name name is Elias Veturious.
  3. Other thing apart from book that makes my life better is FOOD and COFFEE. These two things remind me that life is beautiful and worth living and people can betray you but food will not.
  4. I believe that before facing a day one should face a god. I believe that there is supreme power that makes everything alright.
  5. I like enjoying little pleasures of life like doing dance in rain, laughing, chai, late night conversations, when my mum makes my hair.
  6. I love my pet (Labrador) his name is Scooby.
  7. I want people to believe that miracles do happen.
  8. I love reading manga and watching anime.
  9. I love lights, bright colors and balloons and old hindi music.
  10. I want to go on solo trip.
  11. People who follow their heart without any hesitation are my favorite.



  1. What was your first story you ever wrote about? Or if you don’t write what was the first book you read?

First story I wrote was about a girl who lost all her hopes and she wanted to die and then how her life was changed.

2. If you could be any fantasy race what would it be?

My fantasy is that I want to have power that Mo had in Inkheart by Cornelia Funke.

3.  What flavoured milk is your favourite?

I love Strawberry flavoured milk.

4.  What anime or cartoon or animated movie is you all-time top pick?

I loved Death Note, it had very different concept. 

5.Would you rather live in a treehouse or in a boathouse?

I would prefer Treehouse because I always wanted treehouse.

6.If you could travel to any place in the world (for free) where would you go?

If I get to travel for free I would go to New York. It is the place that has always attracted me. 

7.A villager run in to tell you that a dragon has landed in a field and they want you to get     rid of it. Do you (a) Fight and Kill the Dragon (b) Befriend the Dragon (c) Offer a business    like deal that ensures that it leaves peacefully but it gets some food in return?

I would try to befriend the dragon if I don’t get killed.

8.If you could transport to any time period would it be Medieval, Period, Futuristic or      other?

If I get chance I would like to be transported to future because we know how past was and I am pretty curious to know how future is going to be.

9.What is your favourite book series?

My all time favourite book series is Harry Potter.

10.Your friend is having a fancy dress party, you are allowed to go as anything. What do you choose?

I will go as dinosaur.

11.With your coffee or tea or hot chocolate or favourite cool beverage, what is your favourite snack to have with it?

I like having lays.


  1. Garden of Whimsies
  2. Chai & Biscuits
  3. bubble Soliloquy
  4. everlasting smile
  5. Life with Lizzie
  6. The Happy Book


  1. what is the idea of happiness for you??
  2. what would you do if you meet your favourite fictional character??
  3. have you ever smiled like a stupid?? if yes then why???
  4. who is your favourite celebrity whom you wanna date?
  5. how would you react if you come across your doppelganger?
  6. what is your favourite television series?
  7. who is your all time favourite villian?
  8. one bad habit you wanna get rid of?
  9. when was the last time you laughed hard?
  10. what is the best part of your day?
  11. Have you ever experienced life changing incident?

And those who got nominated does not want to respond that is totally fine and I love your work and I want you guys to know you are awesome!!!!

Thank you so much Ryllia for this honor 🙂









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