Break up!!!


There is this guy who broke up with my friend and for the obvious reasons she is shattered and she is crying profusely, it so heart breaking to see your sweetheart crying over a relationship. But I want her to know that no matter what I am there for her and when she cries it makes me feel like volcano is erupting inside me. All I want her to know that every thing happens for a reason, I know this is a difficult time for her but I want her to know that time has magical healing power and probably after sometime we will be laughing over this break up and moreover I believe bad relationship can teach many lessons that are worth learning. I want my friend to know that one day will be her day when someone will be passionately in love with her. When every thing that is strange today will make sense and then she will understand why Β all this happened. For now I could only wish more power to her and can assure that I am always there on her side.


7 thoughts on “Break up!!!

  1. Nicely written πŸ™‚ .. my good wishes for your friend….

    I think during that time, no consoling words would help much.. just time helps to heal the pain.

    and no one wish to go in relationship just to learn lessons :P.. but when it ends we have to give ourselves a sweet cheat by saying that it gave us a good lesson for future at least. πŸ™‚


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