Nobody can make you feel inferior..

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Guys many times I have faced body shaming, I have came across people who always have some kind of suggestion for me to improve, well all suggestions are not worth taking. Sometimes people suggest me to get fairness cream and to look hot. I ask why should I??  I have natural dusky shade and I respect myself. You know what, whenever people try to make me feel inferior they don’t realise that these tricks are not working on me infact it is increasing my confidence, making me even more “me”, because we always have people in lives whom we inspire just by being ourselves and one more very important thing that nobody can make us feel inferior without our permission. Guys believe me or not people who pass comments on us are always jealous. And let’s just make them even more jealous just by being ourselves and never taking criticisms to heart. It is our life and we will do what we want. I am not saying don’t take constructive suggestions but I am saying be confident and never let people make you feel inferior.




8 thoughts on “Nobody can make you feel inferior..

  1. Seriously I like girls who never wear make up or anything to enhance the look, I like dusky colored girls more …pets never wear make up and still everyone love them right.. Why then we need artificial things to screw up the nature given😀

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