Face God before facing a day!!

face god, before facing a day.”


It was a great day for me, I achieved something that was quite difficult and I am overwhelmed. I am proud of myself for this because I know what I have gone through, but you know interesting part??  I always felt that some invisible superior power is looking after me. I was about to give up but I don’t know why I didn’t. Today I believe that whatever happens, happens for good. Sometimes we just need hope and faith. Faith in Supreme power, faith in god.


8 thoughts on “Face God before facing a day!!

  1. Never give up and never lose faith in The Supreme power and you will always find yourself safe. For Krishna Himself told Arjun this clearly in the Gita, Chapter 9 verse 31 “O son of Kunti, I declare it boldly that My devotee never perishes.”

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      1. Yes. Twice actually. I read it in school the first time, I also read about other religions like The Bible (new testament). In school I was curious about God, and read a lot.

        The Gita is a must read, I read it again in college. You gain new perspectives each time you read it! I would suggest you should too, you can get the Gita app by ISKCON on android. Even reading a single verse daily and you’ll be amazed by all the knowledge gained. ☺️👍


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