Yes, I get jealous!!


Yes, I accept I get jealous when someone calls my best friend their best friend. Yes, it bugs me. I mean she is my friend I literally grew up with her, I was with her in her ups and downs. I was there with her at all her birthday parties wearing those terrible dresses. I was the one with whom she performed, we were there with each other in class tests, I was the one who knew about her first love. I know today we are part, we are far from each other, we don’t talk to each other the way we used to but that doesn’t make you her best friend. Yes ,I was jealous when she was in love with this guy in our class but I always knew no matter who comes in her life, I will be her best friend and she will be mine forever πŸ’

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7 thoughts on “Yes, I get jealous!!

  1. That is so true.. it kinda vex me how can other person say that about my best friend. She is now and forever will be my best friend even though we are not together 24/7.
    Nicely stated girlwiththepinkphone

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