Being Workaholic!

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We all have some aim, and we put our time and efforts to reach our goals and then with time we get busier and busier. We don’t realise this but we are always in hurry. Infact I am slowly turning into a workaholic, I don’t like taking breaks and I concentrate only on increasing my productivity. But some where in race to achieve my numbers I am slowly losing myself. I mean nowdays, I don’t have time to message my friends, I keep worrying about what will happen next, until today. Today I took off and went to college as my exam was scheduled ย and believe me it was so awesome, I met my faculties, juniors and fellow students and we really had a great time, it was a time I realised what am I missing.

Guys so if you too are too busy then just take a moment and think about all good times out of work, you too will realise what you are missing. True we have work to do and goals to achieve but this does not mean that we turn into some workaholic and don’t value precious little moments of life and friendship.


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