Life is a story!!

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I think life is a story, and we are hero or heroines of our lives. We have stories and as we meet people they become part of it. Some gives very good memories some teaches us lessons, lessons which nobody can teach us. We get love, we get betrayed, we cry, we laugh but we never stop. We fall 7 times but we get up 8 times. And as time passes we learn art of living. We struggle, we succeed. We make our life stories  incredible. Sometimes our story inspire others, some times our mistakes are learnings for others. I am amazed how we don’t realise that what important task we all are performing. So guys I think we have to take our lives seriously because this is a story which we are writing and once it’s written then we will not be able to undo it. So laugh, dance, do hardwork, do crazy stuff because zindagi na milegi dobara.


14 thoughts on “Life is a story!!

  1. True you are life is story we can’t undo and I wish I knew that when I was younger! But now I can write my story knowing that I can make it better on a Consistent basis while drowning out the negative in life and live for the positive! Thank you

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