It’s ok!!

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If you are twenty something and struggling and wondering what is happening in your life, I would say don’t worry I am also feeling the same. Sometimes I think I am on the right track but the other moment I feel like I am just a lost soul. I guess it is normal. I guess it how people think and these are the same situations that every twenty something face. We struggle everyday, every moment. Sometimes we struggle to make our identity, sometimes to prove our worth, sometimes we struggle to overcome the situations where we are compared with somebody else who is doing exceptionally good in life. We have failed relationship while our friends are getting married but I think it alright, infact somebody once told me that one bad relationship is important in life. We imagine our life like movies show us but I guess our lives are much more interesting than movies. I think all we have to do is to stay patient and trust our instincts. When it comes to career we are not certain, we are confused. Yes we have jobs but we don’t have savings. We want to make it big but things don’t work the way we think. But I think this is how we learn, by stumbling Β in path and reaching destination.



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