My life is much more interesting !!!


Guys let’s face it, everyday when we wake up, we have a purpose. We have work to do, we have commitments, we have obligations sometimes which makes life boring and monotonous and we have our ways to deal with it, one way or the other we find motivation to face it. I too have a same story but let me tell you I don’t get bored that easily or you can say I challenge monotony of my life by making it interesting. Well for that too I don’t have many options but I have my love for reading as it provokes imagination and gives me perfect plan to escape the reality, I have this boyfriend who is tall dark and fictional πŸ˜…, I have ice creams in my life that make me feel good about everything. I am person who enjoys little pleasures like coffee, I like dancing and I literally dance like nobody is watching, I crack jokes ( trust me I have brilliant sense of humour). At times I become philosophical but these things never let me bore because I don’t have time to get bore. I am person who have imagination power so :

I can say my life is much more interesting.

Tell me how do you make your life interesting????


15 thoughts on “My life is much more interesting !!!

  1. Nice post Naina!πŸ’• Imagination will certainly take you places and make life more interesting.

    I make life more interesting by taking up challenges that seem impossible. I’m more of a problem solver and finding solutions using imagination and new methods is fun.

    Also reading, engaging in stimulating conversations with intelligent people is another way of making life interesting. I love exchanging views and learn to see from different perspectives.

    I do have one problem, your imaginary boyfriend seems quite boring, so I would suggest you start interviewing new applicants. Preferably living ones this time. πŸ˜›πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  2. My life is interesting a little bit, with my own creative side. Work and commitments are always there but it’s Creativity like Poetry, Fiction, photography, and even walking makes me feel good. I like to watch small bugs binding in grass and its fun. I love tortoise and Dogs they all are so alive. πŸ‘»

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  3. What I try to do is take up something everyday. It could be like a task, or a casual activity, and I try to make myself get the most of it. So each day I’m either trying to complete something I started, or trying to start a new thing. Sometimes it’s cool, sometimes it’s a decent midway and not boring. Like, using excel to build a template, or make a replica or something I saw, or try to design a application form via a programming language, or copy a painting. All these while or when I’m not at work.

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