Tell me!!

Let’s have a chat. Tell me what is your favourite part of the day??


Mine is when I go to bed with coffee and a book. Share yours.


49 thoughts on “Tell me!!

  1. When it don’t rain, my eyes mimics rain and memories comes and I spend time with them, sounds dull but I really want to relieve some of my best moments of my life. 💕


  2. My favourite part of the day is when I have a warm cup of tea or coffee and some wonderful blogs to read! Also I love to read the papers in the morning, especially the comic strips 😂

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  3. My favorite time of the day is “the early morning time”.It is the most peaceful and positive time of the day.Waking up early,chanting the name of god and exercising on beautiful green grass is the ideal start to the day.So yeah,i love this.😊

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