Just Average!!!


I am an average twenty something girl. People often say it to me, that I am just average girl with average looks and average life. But I never feel offended, because for me being average means being hero of your life. Didn’t get me?? Let me make it clear. My father is an average man, who wakes up early in the morning and go out everday to work to make our lives comfortable, even when he gets sick, still he works for me and for my sister so that we can have world class education, so that we can taste every possible food. My mother is an average lady who works round the clock without any leave, she sacrifice her sleep because I am not asleep, she don’t go to fancy parties or shopping. My friends are average beause they are my friend. For people who are special, things are usually easy but for average people it is important that they have to work hard every minute, every second. They struggle but still they shine, they know life is not easy but still they smile and try to make life worth living for.

So next time if someone calls you average, do thank them because being average is our specialty. Yes I am an average twenty something girl, girl who dare to dream and make her life how she wants it.



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