let’s get lost…


” sometimes to find yourself, it’s important that lose yourself.”

Let’get lost. Just hold my hand and come with me we will explore every road, every city, every country. Just come with me we will together search for a new place where there is sunshine and butterflies, come let’s follow fireflies. Come with me, we will spend night staring at stars and talking about life, our inspirations and aspirations, let’s get lost where we can listen to our heart beats where we can feel our breaths…come with me we will make friends who will speak different languages, let’s dine with some stranger while listening to their life stories. Let’s fall in love, let’s laugh even at the silly jokes, cry our hearts out, let’s pose for crazy pictures, let’s just dance and break the dance floor, read every possible book, let’s fall in love with life and make this journey incredible and  make today so awesome that gets yesterday jealous!!!!!!


One thought on “let’s get lost…

  1. “Let’s make today so awesome that gets yesterday jealous.”Love itt!

    I completed school last year and during the last few days all we aimed at doing, was that! We’d solve more numericals than the day before just to break yesterday’s record :p
    We’d bunk classes afterwards and teacher would ask us sometimes if we have anything better to do. I’d say that same thing you described,
    “Let’s get lost for a while, let’s pause craving our future in these books and wander for a while, in the present. Then we’ll find what we are, not what we’ll be or we can be. Just that.” 🙂

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