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Today  I decided to write something like really good so I took my laptop and a great cup of coffee and started thinking what am I gonna write. After sometime I looked at my watch and realized I have already spent 20 minutes in thinking about what to write but haven’t figured it out yet. This made me restless but I was also determined that today itself I will post something on blog, but I didn’t have any idea what am I going to post. Then it increased my restlessness and I started walking here and there and wondering what is wrong with me? Then I got little frustrated and I turned off my laptop. 

I think this might happen with other writers also, number of times it happens that we have a lot of feelings to express and we want to write it down but we just don’t find words. Sometimes dictionary is also not helpful but then also somehow writers manage to write because they know someone out there would be waiting for them to write, waiting for their sweet escape. I sometimes Wonder how beautifully they put different words and feelings into a masterpiece.

Thank you so much everyone who share feelings through words with us, because as a reader I know how important these stories are for us. Thanks for inspiring me and people like me.


5 thoughts on “Writers

  1. Sometimes I just write one word, then think about it and form ideas in my mind. Another thing I do is to use the ideas from everyday conversation with my neighbor, lol, But yes, we all get stuck at times and cannot put our ideas into sentences.

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  2. I’ve never really struggled with this but I’ve never really had any pressure to produce writing. However I do struggle with reading your best bet is to come with an excited mind not a tiresome one. Or just take a break go for a curry and come back to it. There’s another idea.

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