Crazy confession!!

first we eat then we will do everything else.”


When I see you I feel alive, everything starts making sense, I love every bit of you, when I wait for you I feel like I can spend my whole life  waiting for you when I get to see you believe me it is a best part of my day.



You will not believe but mere a thought of you send chills to my spine, your smell makes me go crazy. Trust me you don’t have an idea how much I am in love you. With you, I feel complete. You are the only one who never judge me in fact when I am upset you are there for me. People will never understand our relationship but trust me that doesn’t bother me at all. All I need is you. Good times or bad times I can always count on you.

Yes, I love you, no matter how much this society says ” to count calories”. I know you are always there for me and trust me I am always there for you, I love you from my soul.

– to food from foodie


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