My book boyfriend!!!

Today I was having conversation with my flatmates, they asked me if I like someone?

Well I said yes, every one got excited and they demanded details of the guy I have crush on. But there was twist in story…yes this is true that I madly like someone but there is a little twist, the guy I like is fictional. Yes I am in love with a fictional character.

My flatmates were literally in shock, but I said this is true. They all gave dirty looks and said I am crazy. It was very difficult for me to explain them what it is like to be in love with a character who doesn’t exist. Anyways I can’t help it. I told them With every line, with every turning page of that book I fall for him even more. You know when I read about him I feel like he is right here. I blush, I smile, I feel strange sensations in my gut.


Every time I discuss about him my eyes sparkels. Every time I think about him my heart skips. Not just this, I feel him, and  a quotes from ” a walk to remember” makes sense. Yes our love is like wind I can’t see it but I feel it and sometimes I get jealous when any other girl admires him.

While I was telling this to my friends they said I am mad and I understand this may sound crazy but what to do I have already fallen for him and his existence is in my thoughts and that is enough for me.12241262_977829735588864_4527624303997734368_n





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