9 Reasons I Think you are Tougher Than you Know

Guys this is worth reading, we must realise that we are very strong and brave!!!!

“You are tough because you try not because you succeed”

The toughest and strongest people I know are not those found in books or movies, they are not the people who win awards of bravery or gain public recognition for their perseverance. When I think of truly inspiring tough people, I think of people like you and me. People who look at what the world expects of them, looks at what they expect of themselves and push those expectations to the side, redefining them.

The toughest people, look past ‘the odds” of a situation and power though with a smile on their face. They work hard, pulling motivation from anywhere they may need it. They are not proud they are humbled by their own journey’s. Being tough is often the path of hardship,  going through the trenches of life often means counting on the warrior within to get you there. The warrior within…

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