Let’s dance in rain!!!

“life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…its about learning to dance in rain”

– vivian greene

how was your day? Yeah, I can understand it was hectic and busy, as usual people who work were chasing their targets, students were studying hard for their exams, housewives must be busy in taking care of their families… Seriously we have got a lot of work…but the million dollar question is , ” have you noticed that rainy season is already here?”

Well if not then just take a minute and look outside, you will feel pearls dropping from the sky creating a sparkling effects. why don’t you look at the rainbow they are very beautiful with different colors at the same time just like life.

I understand today we hardly get time but dude this is rain, we have got to go out and do some crazy dance, let every drop of rain that fall on you wash your anxiety, your fears, let’s dance in rain as if this is last day of our lives, let’s break all the rules and dance, let’s throw every thing that is holding us back from enjoying this precious moments of life, let’s enjoy like a child, Let’s dance to celebrate life so that we may not have regrets that we missed this moment.


keep smiling, keep dancing because every time life makes us dance to its tune but guys this is rain let’s make life dance to our tunes.

pic credit: facebook


20 thoughts on “Let’s dance in rain!!!

  1. Reblogged this on I Sing the Body Electric and commented:
    This blogger speaks my language! Uplifting and beautiful, totally reflecting my life philosophy. Girl with the pink phone says “Let’s make life dance to our tunes.” Queen Bee agrees!!! 🙂 Xx


      1. I will keep dancing for sure. I love writers who paint vibrant pictures and uplift people-you are one of those people. I’m glad I found your blog-I look forward to reading more 🙂


  2. Love rain, well, at least when I have the option to change into dry cloths afterwards. 🙂 I think you’re so right, there is something very liberating and lively about dancing in the rain. I do it way too rarely. Last time, and I mean I really danced in the rain, was about 8 years ago. I still remember it very vividly. As for the metaphor in the whole thing, there is more than enough rain in my life at the moment. So I guess the first stop is to start trying to dance in it, rather than to hide away in the hope it will pass…


    1. I am so sorry I guess I have deleted your comment by mistake, but your place sounds so dreamy to people like us who are in metro cities, So I am from India, I live in Delhi a heart of nation, what should I say that isn’t said about this city before. Since it is a capital so you can find almost every culture here, it is city that takes each and every person who come here whether to chase their dreams or to explore the place and apart from that this place is heaven for those are fascinated by history, a heaven for food lover be it desi food or any international cuisine you will find here though people living here face extreme weather conditions be it summer, winter or monsoon. This place is perfect example of unity in diversity!!

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