what I thought, what I got…

if I try to remember the time when I was the small girl with lots of dreams of ruling the world, of doing whatever I want, of living life just how they show in movies. I always wanted to move out and live on my own, thanks to these tv series and movies, I always thought my life will be exactly how they show it and, to be honest, I was highly influenced by these movies.

But there is always a big difference between what we think and what we get. Same happened to me. I always thought that moving to big cities would be glamourous but what I got was homesickness, I never realised that I will badly miss my place, my home, my parents.

I was now out of my comfort zone. There was no one to make me dinner when I get back from work, I missed my family when I needed somebody to talk. I started valuing little luxuries of life like morning tea, spending time with loved one.

yes I faced loanliness, yes sometimes were difficult. For me it was nothing like what I thought about  moving to big city.

But today when I look back, I realise my experience was nothing like what they show in movies but still I am better person today.

Now I feel like living aloan made me a brave person, I started respecting everyone who love me and I started respecting time. Now I understand that everything have cost and nothing is free apart from love and care which we get from people who love us.

I found my family in my friends who were there for me when I needed them. I understood what is good and what is not. I became sorted person, now I can handle my problems without cribbing about it. I explored myself, I introspected which made me mature and better person. Today I know smiling is important  and also its infectious and I try to be a carrier.

Now I know that life is not complicated. Yes even today I miss my home town, my place, my carefree life there but living aloan made me discover my own better version. This is how I can say it was totally different what I thought and What I got.

Today for me luxuries are not important but what is important for me is  peace of mind and satisfaction at the end of the day.



5 thoughts on “what I thought, what I got…

  1. Nicely stated that what we think is not always what we got, but somehow what we got makes the person whom we are. Good work.


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