With a smile on lips and tears in eyes, I am again standing in my college campus. I am looking at each and every corner of this place and you know what, it is narrating a story. There are so many memories, laughs, loves, crazy moments, tears, fears and axiety here, and I feel like I am at home. I remember my first day here. How can I forget, when I entered this place with lots of big dreams in my small eyes. With determination to study hard. I was alone making promises to myself to be a dedicated students. Yeah, this is how my college life started. I  started my journey, I was prepared for highs and lows. But I was missing something, don’t know what but definitely something. Yes something was there. This something remained suspense till I met a girl.. Who was in traditionals, with this big nerd glasses, so girlie , a small town girl who was proud of flaunting her local language. A boy who was wicked but fun.don’t know how we became  friends. These were not only people whom I met, because i still wanted some sunshine and thats how I got my little miss sunshine, with her all time chit chit. Actually I miss that chit chat now very much . We became friends and then I realised that it was friendship that I was missing. After sometime a new boy joined  our class, he was different and quite. It took time for us to become friends but gradually I got friend for life. In all these times, there was somebody who became my family, she was quite then and she is quite now but difference is, now we share a great bond with each other. Whether we stay together or we stay apartshe will still be my roommate. 

I can’t forget those simple yet beautiful moments of my life that I spent here with these people.

Roaming in campus, having tea, bunking classes for movies, having lunch together, planning trips and then last minute cancellation of plans, taking selfies, hiding footwear, throwing paper ball. It all became part of my life.

Although today we don’t get to see each other like we used to but I love these people like I used to. I can still see us sitting in those classrooms having fun.

I guess I will never leave this campus because i have left a part of me here, who will make me smile and who will make me cry.Deepika 20160213_203100















One thought on “Campus

  1. I got the same feeling of leaving a life behind and moving on from it. I didn’t know about the life ahead but that life spent on campus is worth every bit of it. Thanks for reminding me all those beautiful memories.

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