Be the one…be the change

people often say this is wrong and this is right..I say if you think something is wrong the make it right. Be the one who inspires. be the sunshine coming that makes darkness disappear, be the inspiration, be one whom when people look, they say just because of you I never gave up. Be brave, be Merida who says “our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it.”

be the one who initiates the change. be the one who don’t change oneself because others don’t like her. instead, be yourself because there are always people in your life who gets motivated because of you. please take care of yourself and pamper yourself because we are important, maybe we are not to more but definitely to some. be the one who is proud of yourself.  be the one who is unique, be the one who likes things little different. be the one who is polite but don’t be the easy one.

if you want the change then be the one. Always smile because your smile can make others smile. you are important take care of yourself…..da9cc4cc759d7b03bba5968449c61340



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