good bye 2015!!!!!

just couple of hours are remaining and then we will welcome new year. few  minutes ago i was thinking we never realize but time passed so fast. its the last day of 2015. i don’t know why i am nervous…i know it’s quiet strange. its new year right? i should be happy… i am happy but there is something bothering me….

for many its just another year that will pass…but for me it is one more important year that will pass. i don’t know if this year was happy or sad but it was definitely a year of learning, happiness, friendship, rejections, acceptance, spirituality. i experienced falling for someone, i enjoyed treasure of friendship, i celebrated life, i experienced rejections and after rejection i came to know what success is all about.

i know i cannot hold time but i know if i look back and take a look on 2015 i will see myself as a different person..more wise.

i might be sacred of the idea of going out of my comfort zone but somewhere i know life is all about moving on…i am not a person who makes resolutions but yes i will try to pull more out of coming year….i hope 2016 will be year where i will fulfill my aspirations, i might become someone’s inspiration.

i know a lot of good things happened to me in 2015 but i really hope 2016 will be year where i will try to make no mistakes. last but not the least i will be a better person.



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