Happy ending!!!!!

I was standing somewhere in the middle of sky on the clouds. It was soothing view with hundred splendid colors. But still i was depressed and upset; none of this was making sense to me. I was confused and thinking what was my mistake, I was looking answers.

All of the sudden white light dazzled my eyes. I somehow managed to look what was happening, then I realized someone was calling my name. I started looking here and there to find out who was there but I didn’t found anyone, there was just a sound calling my name. That sound was coming from direction of light. I started walking towards it. I was frightened yet curious to know who was that. It said to me

” what is the trouble dear?”

i asked ” who are you?”

” a friend and a companion” it said.

i asked “why should i trust you?”

it said ” you have believed in me for so long dear trust me I am your well wisher?”

I was quiet.

” what is the reason behind your shaken faith?” it asked.

I was confused and scared.

” who are you?” I asked him once again.

it said “the one who looks over you, who took care of you?”

I said ” it is myth that someone looks upon at us. nobody even bothers, what situations I have faced” I continued.

“someone whom I loved cheated on me. I lost my job because everyone at work hates me. I try but I fall then again I try and I fall and then again i try and again I fall and again I try to get back on feet but again I fall. I am tired of being judged, I am tired of people hating me, I am tired of being cheated. what have I done wrong? why I am always ignored? why all this is happening to me? do you have any answers? say something” I said in vague.

I felt hot tears rolling down my cold skin.

then it said “I know what you are going through. you had rough time. I am aware of injustice that happened to you.”

” oh I thought you said you were my friend and companion” I said. ” friends never leave friend in misery like you did.” I said.

“oh dear, you think I left you? no that is not true. sometimes it is important to be in pain so that you can feel compassion. sometimes you need haters to realize that you are great. sometimes you need to be judged so that you can become free soul. See you don’t you realize how universe work in mysterious ways. you don’t realize but after sometimes your wound would heal, every thing will fall in place then you will realize why it didn’t worked the way we imagined. All you need is to trust yourself. Be confident and don’t lose hope and then you will find smiling easy.”

All of the sudden I woke up on my bed. Still couldn’t believe that it was dream. But now I felt satisfied as if universe is telling me to smile and let go all problems, because pain is temporary and glory lasts forever.




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