twists and turns….

Sometimes I try to figure out who exactly am I? Or why am I the way I am. But I never get an answer. I cannot be the same person as I was yesterday because it was some other day, some other situation….and life goes on. I guess these are twists and turns that really makes us who we are. Not every twist and turn brings happiness in life but yes every turn brings new experience. It can be good or bad but yes, it is making us wiser….I can also say I didn’t grew old but I grew wiser. Sometimes I become adviser to somebody, sometimes I need advises. Sometimes I console people but sometimes I cry, sometimes I am cynical but sometimes I expect miracles. This is how we grow……this is how we become strong, this is how we become wiser.

When after many years we will look back at ourselves, at our lives we will think we never did anything different in past years but still we are different person today. At the end I would like to add no matter what turn and twist comes to our life happy or sad, if we try to take some good1512808_711119218919057_477748194_n lessons from it by being hopeful and compassionate…life will be even more beautiful…’s one life and we deserve beautiful life….

stay happy!!!!!!!!


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