so today when i woke up i sensed some really cool breeze brushing my hair. its October end and fall season is here. i would like to admit i actually love fall. oh yes i absolutely do. you know i think this some season have some sort of magic in it. best part of fall is “coffee”. i personally love fall because in this season i can curl up in blanket with some fantastic book in my hand and a cup of coffee. not just this…it is perfect time to start movie marathon.

nature always gives you reason to love this fall. when i see different shades of leaves in tree i feel something fluttering in my stomach. this is a season to officially fall in love and get away and enjoy nature and its beauty. when sun rises every morning and it brings a lot of shades of orange and red…i think every thing on this planet revives and every new day symbolizes new chance and i feel that this world is entirely different arena as it was yesterday . this world seems like a beautiful canvas with lot of colors and hope. every time leaves are shed by tree it is a sign of new beginning of new life which thrills me often.

i know it was kind of philosophical but i get philosophical.


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