Every day somehow I fail…sometimes I fail as a student, sometimes as friends and sometimes even as a child. although I am self motivated person and i keep motivating myself but still i face moments that tells me that I am a loser. Maybe this is one such moment. I just don’t get why i am not succeeding, it is depressing you know..but I don’t know why everyday I again get up just to try if this time i may succeed.

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I think this is what hope is called and look at its power it never lets me back out. Failures are important sometimes to make us realise may be we are making efforts at wrong place or maybe just to tell us something is wrong. i know it is heart breaking  when we fail..sometimes i feel deep pain somewhere inside my gut, my heart starts sinking but again there is some kind of power that tells me i must try once more. I know words like hope and compassion seems just two little beautiful words but i feel them…these are not just words for me..these are my reality..sometimes I pretend I don’t care if I failed but somewhere in my heart I know it makes me feel adverse. so basically we get two options at the last one of them is to consider yourself loser and have adverse feeling of being a loser and other is make trust, hope and compassion your power. I know it is tough but we are brave to face these failures…

at the end I would like to add…losers are not those who fail but those who don’t even try because they are sacred of failures.


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