ok let’s just think…what makes us successful, is it fancy clothes or shiny sedans or it no. of credit cards..different people may have different take on this but what i feel is there are certain qualities that makes person successful.  you know what, there are some traits that are common among successful people like they never knew how to quit. for example Michael Jordan stated ” i can accept failure but i can’t accept not trying”. Born leaders generally have this problem of not quitting .

successful people don’t depend on destiny rather they take charge of their life and do wonders. These successful people don’t make excuses rather they try to inspire others also. successful people are often found to be a voracious reader. They always try to learn. They are good observer.They work hard…they know they have some responsibility. They are not afraid of rejections because they believe rejection is the first step towards success. successful people always trust their instincts. They have hunger, passion and determination. Before finding faults in system , successful people try to know their own faults and improve it. they think mistakes give them chance to learn .

These qualities represents successful people. I myself try to inculcate these habits in me.


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