imagesI think confusion is a common word and we keep hearing tales related to confusion every now and then but what think is, there is a beauty in this word. it makes people think over again and again but at the end it leaves people tangled in even more confusion without any solution.

you must be thinking what am I talking about and why am I talking about this then let me share a story behind it. Today I was wondering in market just like that and was totally enjoying window shopping like most of the girl do. I spotted a very nice pair of shoes and i decided to take it but again obviously here I am talking about myself so things are not  easy, I was out of cash but luckily there was a ATM so I literally started running toward it in order to avoid crowd and long line. While I was in line a saw a man who was with his friend and was totally frustrated. he was yelling and complaining about his life. He was not very happy with his work neither he was in successful relationship. He was so confused that he never realized that unknowingly he is discussing his personal life in public. His friend somehow managed to calm him down and they went but that man’s confusion made me think if life is complicated or we make make it complicated.

Everyone faces confusions, even I have also faced it but I try never to lose my calm, although I start getting panic attacks but still yelling is no option. Finding solutions of confusions is not an easy task but still it is better than making life complicated. Letting others know about your problem although helps person calm down but still we must always try to share our problems with trusted person only, because sharing problem with everyone can make you even more vulnerable to complications. There are certain ways which can make you happy despite of confusions and problems.

First and most important thing we all must know is to love the way we are and never get confused with what others think of us. Just try to please yourself before pleasing others. Just accept the past and move on there is no need to spoil your present because of past. Remember everything happens for a reason. just keep believing that nobody is perfect. But yes we must also learn that we must not get jealous of others. just focus on right things in life and after wards you will realize that no confusion can ever make you unhappy.images (1)


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