“That boy” !!!!!!

He was stadownloadnding right in front of my eyes and intently looking at me and his gaze was giving me strange feelings. I was getting goosebumps because it was happening to me for the first time. I felt like never before….yes i was happy, feeling shy. All of the sudden the whole series of incidents started revolving in my eyes. This started around 3 weeks ago. I met this boy at exhibition which was for charity. I was volunteer there and he was a visitor or at least i supposed he was. When I saw him I thought he was there just for goofing around and absolutely doing nothing . I thought what a “jerk”. After that event started and we all got busy with our work…after sometime I noticed a participant who came to exhibit her handmade candles and craft items, she was pretty girl with perfect 10 figure but she was facing problems in selling her candles as they were de-shape. so, “that boy” came and extended his helping hand to her and his this act of kindness was quite predictable i thought as I already told you I thought he was “jerk”. But what surprised me was the way he helped her. He started telling people who were going to her stall that these candles were made by differently able children and he successfully persuaded people to buy candles, and honestly I couldn’t stop staring at him. After helping girl, he moved out from exhibition with due dignity and I started grinning and he smiled back at me.

After that day, again he is standing in front of me..again i am grinning and again he is smiling but this time with little more passion and connect.


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