Its complicated…..

Hi guys,

today i met my friend and asked how is your life? i just asked a simple question but answer i got was complicated. He said ” its complicated”. i asked him what happened and he told me all his story and all difficulties he is going through. I wanted to give him simple solution for his life but then i thought what if he does not like it. What if he thinks that i am not at all concerned about him. All i wanted to say was “dude just chill and relax, everything will fall in place, all you need is to be calm”. But again it was complicated.

i started thinking why can’t i simply tell my friend what i feel. T hen i realized maybe because we think doing things our way may hurt people, we cannot decide should we hold on or give up .

so i guess, lets just be rationale and think of the solutions that are good in long run. For example, if you are stuck in a relationship and now you don’t want to continue, just be clear in your own mind and think of greater good, take your time and decide.

life is not complicated, neither the situations are . It is us who makes things complicated or simple. I know it is easy to say but for being happy we must have courage to take charge of our life and it what we want.It might be difficult but in long run it is wise decision to do so.

i hope you got me……


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